While the quality of the photo (and high flash) might make it difficult to appreciate this loafer, by Ivan Crivellaro, in its entirety, I must say that it has probably fallen within the ranks of my all-time 3 favorite shoes. Everything about it is spot on to me. It literally possesses everything that I would want to see if were shopping for a passion shoe: blue leather, herringbone tweed fabric, tassels with the leather wrapping around the side and brogueing extending to the heel. Simply amazing….not practical for most, but amazing nonetheless. I feel that I must salute Mr. Crivellaro because it would appear that he is constantly making things that he would wear, as opposed to what the majority would like. It’s very dangerous to do this, as it is hard to appeal to the masses this way, and stay afloat, but nevertheless it’s very admirable. I am just happy to see that he continues to do this and makes shoes that others may not, but that to me, stand out above all of the rest! This shoe, I would wear proudly, and daily!

8 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Ivan Crivellaro Loafers”

  1. They’re all stunning artworks,Mr.Crivellaro is an ACE!…….Justin,thank you for such a nice article………

  2. A fantastic pair, I just ordered the model with the tweed motif with some small modifications. Thanks for posting 🙂

  3. Justin- Ivan told me he would try to have it done by end of June. I’ll send you scans once I receive them

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