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Sometimes, I feel like maybe I am tiring you all out with all of the two-toned shoes that I put up on the blog, but then again, I simply can’t help but be drawn to them and want to share them. They are like ‘crack’ for me, especially when they are done well, and even more so when they are done with materials outside of leather such as this model here by Ivan Crivallero that uses a herringbone cloth for the vamp.And what’s even better is the fact that a patina was added, and a unique one at that! I still can’t decide whether or not I would have wanted the blue addition in the heel counter area, but I find it to be quite interesting nevertheless. I always like to see the various ways that patina artists will create their work through unique yet slight variations from their competitors. And even though I blabbed the other day about liking a ‘clean patina’ (as opposed to brush-stroked looking ones), I can’t help but appreciate the one on the toe of this shoe that is very reminiscent to the Museum calf by John Lobb….. And to top it all off, purple pegging on the sole…..lovely detail!

10 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Ivan Crivellaro Tassel Loafers Part 2”

  1. I confess I’d never heard of Ivan Crivallero. Now I’ve looked up some of his work, I can only call this “restrained”!

    Glad to see you back to quality, yes the blue heel is a step too far for me, but no, you’re not at all tiring with “two-tone”. These are stunning; inspiring even, whether you’d wear them or not.

    Given my domestic tassle loafer ban, such things are out, but i’ve been admiring leather/fabric combos for a while now. The farthest my wardrobe gets is leather/canvas, but I’ve seen some lovely tweed numbers lately that are definitely on the list!

    Good stuff, Justin, and welcome back!

  2. Alex B – yes I am back…..maybe the heat made me crazy…???? 🙂

    Owen B – Indeed….I need to commission one someday soon from him…

    Karenaya – No, they are just made to look vintage….as far as it being “in” well, sort of….

    Paul van der Hart – Glad that you enjoyed them!


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