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Antonio Meccariello double monks1 (2)

I think that this is the first time that I have posted the shoes of Antonio Meccariello on The Shoe Snob blog and for many of you that know of the brand, you might be wondering what took me so long to finally do so. Like Saint Crispins, Antonio Meccariello is a brand that has been around for a little while now, but all of the sudden took the blogosphere/shoe industry by storm. On Style Forum, then had gone Meccariello crazy and I think that is what led me to wait before doing my own write up. And to be honest, I still have not done my proper homework on the brand yet. But I could not help but show you all these double monks so had to make a post of it.

Antonio Meccariello double monks1 (1) Antonio Meccariello double monks Antonio Meccariello Shoes Antonio Meccariello Shoes Antonio Meccariello Shoes

While this write up won’t be as long as it should, what I like about brands like Bestetti and Meccariello is that they show that Italy is making a comeback. There are a lot of great makers out of there, but that don’t really get their due in the grand scheme of things. Maybe for one, because they are quite pricey (and thus few can afford) and maybe two because Italy is seen as a blake-stitched oriented country and most of the shoe lovers out there want goodyear welted (including myself). Either way, it’s good too see more Italian makers popping out of the woodworks and making a name for themselves. And with beautiful craftsmanship, such as that found on all of these models, how could anything less be expected than to become famous overnight!

Antonio Meccariello Shoes Antonio Meccariello Shoes Antonio Meccariello Shoes Antonio Meccariello Shoes Antonio Meccariello Shoes

Beautiful stuff to say the least. When I find out more about the brand, I will post again. For now, all that I can tell you is that production is small, mainly bespoke but has also come out with a MTO type line that begins at around €900 and I believe is predominantly hand made (but that is just from about 5 minutes of research so things could have changed).

To knock yourself dead with shoe pictures, see HERE. To read more about the brand, see HERE.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

3 thoughts on “Antonio Meccariello Shoes – Exquisite!”

  1. Fabulous shoes Justin … The marble effects are stunning. I am currently commissioning a pair … more news soon 🙂

  2. One of the best shoes maker ! Antonio is a artist he have a great sucess in France many many MTO And BESPOKE sold with the forum en grande pompe Sincerely you must discover

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