Today’s Favorites – Brogues

Today's Favorites - Brogues

Today's Favorites - Brogues

Two Pairs Above: Alden (Pictures Courtesy Of: Leather Soul)

Today's Favorites - Brogues

Today's Favorites - Brogues

Two Pairs Above: Edward Green (Pictures Courtesy Of: Leffot)

Today's Favorites - Brogues

Today's Favorites - Brogues
Two Pairs Above: Stefano Bemer

There is something about brogues that just makes them absolutely timeless…. If I tried to create a reason to make that prior statement valid, I would just be uttering subjective beliefs. But even though, me stating this, makes it subjective, I truly feel that at the same time it is true, very true for that matter, as a fact. There is something so magical about them that just draws you in. Every time I see a pair, my eyes are drawn to it, no matter if it is being worn by a man or woman. The holes punched in the leather are just so intriguing and unique and I find it absolutely amazing of how they came to be and how they have evolved (For history read here). And their evolution has been recreated by every single shoemaker known to man. The ‘brogue’ is a style that every shoe company will make, guaranteed! It just makes sense to. Most people love them, as they should. There is not a shoe more versatile, period. So today, I will pay homage, to what I will say is tied for my favorite style ever (along with saddles) and make it known that brogues are timeless — FACT!

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  1. Les Freres JO’ – You guys should make a trip up to London sometime, it is not far from France and you can find Tricker’s everywhere. Alden is a little bit harder and expensive everywhere, even in the States!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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