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Gaziano & Girling
For those that may not know Gaziano & Girling have just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t be happier for them. I still remember the day that I discovered them, like it was yesterday, in their first every bit of publicity in the US version of Robb Report. They have certainly come a long way since then and it has been well deserved. To celebrate their 10 years in business making beautiful shoes they decided to make a MTO version of one of their bespoke sample models and to pay tribute to the street that their shop is on, thus naming it Savile. As shown here, you find it in a very lovely blue patina color but can be ordered in any shade of leather that they have in their collection of swatches (how nice would it be in a dark brown suede!!?). Unfortunately however they are not yet RTW. They can only be ordered via MTO. But if enough of you start to put an order in, they just might consider making it on a RTW basis.

The shoe costs 1250 (vat incl) and come with a bespoke box and travel bags.

Also, G&G have waived their MTO fees on all orders until 15th of October

Happy Shopping!

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