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People often think of conservatism when they think of British rules of dress. And truth be told, there are very strict rules and ideas of the way “one should be” and this ideology runs deep in British culture which dips into their sense of dress. But for a while now there has also been a strong opposition or rebellion to this ideology, especially in the way of dressing.

The red dress sock, so often seen being worn by British Bankers and the like. Jeffrey West shoes that go way beyond British conservatism. Yellow Trousers worn in the countryside. Everything sold in Soho. Bold Lapels by Tommy Nutter, Chittleborough & Morgan and Mark Powell. And the Two Tone Penny loafer.

The latter of course being the subject at hand. Its not often seen in reality but always very cool when done. This one here by Edward Green is the perfect choice for the upcoming season. In tonal brown colors, it gives just enough edge to be super cool, but not enough to be gaudy and ostentatious. Its versatile and elegant at the same time. And what one would expect from the classic British shoemaker.

And while I love this one, the coolest one that I ever saw was a two tone blue one with in Navy calf/light blue suede, made by George Cleverley for a Rolling Stones member. One of the best loafers I have ever seen. I just wish we saw more of these on the streets. Maybe it will just take one bold maker to launch them RTW and at an affordable price. Wonder who that could be? 😉

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