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Of all of the ways that one could make a wingtip shoe, I truly appreciate this version. It has the feel of a brogue, yet does not have the actual brogueing, which for me, means that the designer actually put some thought into it instead of just saying, ‘let’s make another full-brogue.’ And while it’s not that far off, it’s enough to appreciate the simplistic final outcome. Yet almost more importantly than being creative with the design, this shoe by Lodger, has a shape to die for! And even more importantly than both of those, is the fact that it is currently on sale!!! So if you happen to love this shoe as I do and might be in the West End neighborhood of London anytime in the near future, pop into Lodger to check it out and the other wonderful shoes that they currently offer on sale.

4 thoughts on “Shoe Of The Week”

  1. I don’t know how good the sales are but asking 575 for shoes seems out of place if you note the varity of shoes you can that for around that money from much better reputed brands like E&G, JLB Paris and G&G, Santonni, etc. If you remember a C&J handgrade is about 400 then it gets crazy. Why would anyone buy this Justin? The day after you could not get more that 40% of that in ebay

  2. Anonymous – i can see what you are saying but if this was everyone’s justification then why would any company ever try and enter the market at those prices? They would just have to fear that they don’t or can’t measure up to those other brands. Unless you are saying that Lodger is not good and should not be at those prices? I cannot pretend to have owned Lodger’s before but from what I have seen being there and seeing my friend wear his, they have pretty good leather and the construction is goodyear just like all of the others. Preference, I guess, is why someone would buy them.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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