There is something magical about Riccardo Bestetti’s shoes. It’s hard to pinpoint it as there are so many factors that make them beautiful and maybe that is it. The conglomeration of all the small details, i.e. the hand-finishing, the elegant and tightly shaped lasts, the magnificent and unique patterns, the high sheen polish etc….. Nearly every time I see a new one, I fall in love. Each one of these shown is amazing, particularly the seamless wholecut with added brogue detail, but possibly even more so the absolute best apron split-toe derby that I have ever seen in my life!!! That is simply magical, partly because of it’s elegance and partly because I am not a fan of derbys, but I just might take that over most oxfords. Things like this constantly make me appreciate more and more his artwork, not footwear, simply f***ing artwork! Well done my friend, Signore Bestetti!! And of course, well done to the clients that ordered these beauties!!

And for those of you who blindly support the British shoe trade (which is good and even great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not all peaches & cream), thinking that it’s the end all, be all just because it’s made in Britain, well this article will show you what really goes into those shoes that you are buying: ……education is always key!

9 thoughts on “Bestetti Back at it Again – Seamless Wholecuts and Such!”

  1. I would find it very seductive if I met a man wearing these shoes…they have a nice masculine confidence about them…

  2. ^^ Anon: as a masculine, confident man, I find it’s better to just be masculine and confident, and possibly seductive. But I do like the shoes. 🙂

    Justin, the brogued cap toe adelaide at the top has an extraordinary patina. Almost like a pale shell cordovan, but better. Do you know what it is or how it gets that depth and variation in tone?

    1. i think that he must use just a really light tan on top of the natural finish of the leather…most of his shoes are started as white crust leather and then he applies the coloring…for this he must just not use a lot of coloring and what he does use is very light….

  3. Beautiful shoes, as Bestetti shoes always are. But I don’t see a seamless whole cut in the photos above. ??

    The point about a seamless whole cut is that any additional pieces such as toecap or counter make the shoe something other than a seamless whole cut and much easier to do.

    1. the black pair is a seamless wholecut….the stitching and brogueing that you see are simply added to the shoe as opposed to separate pieces….a seamless wholecut does not have to be simply a plain shoe…it just means that there are no seams that connect two pieces (or more) of leather….this is one piece of leather

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