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Not long ago a reader of the blog, who also happens to be the owner of Le Noeud Papillon, sent me a bow tie in gratitude of the blog, which I found to be very nice and rewarding! For me, it’s simply enough that people actually keep coming back to read more, let alone receive a gift for it, but nevertheless, here we are. As most of you may know, I do like a nice bow tie and when receiving this one, I was quite pleasantly surprised. I don’t say this because I was expecting the worst, but because the tie was a lot cooler than I had imagined. The quality of it was really good (even though I am no expert on cloths) and I loved the way in which it knotted up. Certain bow ties can look a bit too stiff looking, a bit too pre-done, but the way in which this ties, makes it look very casual and relaxed. I liked that because I like to wear my bow ties on outfits that are a bit more casual than dressy. It was a lovely gift and I hope to get a lot of use out of it! To reader that sent it to me, thank you. And to everyone else, if you like a nice bow tie, may I recommend checking them out.

Shoes: Gaziano & Girling, Astaire MTO
Bow Tie: Le Noeud Papillon
Shirt: Primark
Trousers: Levi’s

12 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing – Le Noeud Papillon”

  1. Apart from black tie very occasionally, I’ve never worn a bow. This one’s a real beauty though – love the understated but original pattern. It’s also got a certain heft about it; a substantial quality.

    Looks fabulous; I’m not sure bows are for me, but this would tempt me to try!

  2. Justin,

    I have heard that most men who wear bow ties do so because most men don’t. Keep up your sartorial sprezzatura as they look good on you.


  3. Alex B – Glad that you like this one, I thought it to be quite nice myself!

    Snapper – Funny thing is that when I lived in the States, I used to hate them, but as I came to Europe and expanded my sartorial depths, I decided to give them a try and just enjoyed them. As long as someone isn’t trying to hard with them or looks stuffy, I just think that they can be quite fun.

    AFJ – I would have to disagree, as there is no black in my entire outfit and that would have just made an unnecessary contrast…

    Alex B – Funny thing is Alex, these shoes are quite pointy 🙂 (mainly because they are a narrow fitting)


  4. Haha..yes… the shape isn’t quite me, but I love the patina’d grey and the black suede, and that whole elegant semi-brogued spectator thing is something I always like.

  5. Justin,

    One comment: your shoes in general look too big for your frame. You need to wear a more slender style. At present, in a lot of your pictures, your shoes look like John Lobb “blobs.”. Incidentally, I formerly bought some Lobb bespoke (from England, not France) that had the same effect. On slender people like us, you must keep the shape slim, especially when you wear a slim fitting trouser.

    Best to you.


  6. Alex B – I am afraid that by the end of this you won’t like them anymore….they are actually what G&G call ‘midnight blue’ (the area that looks grey) and navy blue suede…Gray with black would be nice though!

    GSS – it’s a bit strange that you say that as all of my shoes are quite slim and slender, particularly these ones which are a ‘D’ width (narrow) on a last that is already slender and runs small. Maybe it’s the just the pictures….I hate bulbous shoes, and they look stupid on me…hence why I wear slim shoes…anything slimmer would be like a sliver….


  7. Blue and blue? Really? You’re right it doesn’t come across, but that’s a fine combination too – I still like them!

  8. Why is it that Levi’s makes nice trousers that they only sell outside the USA? It’s an American company, and they only sell their most unflattering jeans in the US. Why is it near impossible to find some nice denim like those here? /rant…

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