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Considering, I was just looking at these Alden chukka’s in person at Leffot, in New York City, I figured that I would give some love to them. Not that the pictures have any faults to them but believe it or not these chukka’s look even better in person. The owner of Leffot, Steven Taffel, was telling me that they have been getting a lot of attention since he added them to his repertoire of shoes. It makes sense!! With that sole, it makes for a great shoe to walk the streets of New York, or any large city that is made up of mostly pavement for that matter. The color of them was what really attracted me to them. It is quite unique when you see it in person and I think would look absolutely terrific paired against some nice denim. It’s hard to go wrong with a nice chukka and Alden seemed to nail it on the head with this one!! If you are in NYC any time soon, definitely stop into Leffot in the East Village for a fine display of beautiful shoes!

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