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Whether it’s one of those disgusting Mark Nason boots, a simple chukka boot or a nice dress boot I feel like every man in his right mind wants or needs to own at least one pair of boots to solidify his manhood. “Boot: The man’s shoe!” Maybe it is just me but ever since ads have created something showing what a man’s man looks like and the fact that in the ad, this man is almost always wearing a pair of boots, I feel like this idea of having a boot in the wardrobe has become eminent to one’s sartorial completion. And I think that it is great because I am a big fan of boots, certain one’s that is!! Earlier I did an article on the perfect boot (here) in which I stated that the proper dress chukka could go a long way in versatility and function but of course I also think that there are many other styles that are essential to the completion of many looks and a balanced wardrobe.

Let’s go through the different types of boots:

Lace Up’s

Balmoral (Closed Lacing):

Left Boots: Stefano Bemer
Right Boots: Gaziano & Girling

Left Boots: Koronya
Right Boots: Rider Boot Co. (Picture provided by Leffot)

Derby (Open Lacing):

Boots Above: Edward Green (Pictures provided by Leffot)

Left Boots: Alden (Picture provided by Leather Soul)
Right Boots: Alden (Picture provided by Leffot)    

Slip On’s

Chelsea’s (2 Gore Boots):

Left Boots: To Boot New York
Right Boots: Gaziano & Girling (Picture provided by Leffot)

Left Boots: Gaziano & Girling
Right Boots: Edward Green (Picture provided by Leffot)

Zip Up’s:

Boot Above: To Boot New York

Chukka’s -Go to ‘The Perfect Boot’ to see many different styles

I particularly like the Edward Green boots under the lace up derby section. The pairing between the calfskin and a pebble grain gives it a great balance between casual and dress. It has the cap toe design creating more of a dress feeling while at the same time has the nice thick sole and the copper eyelets that lends it the casual look. Although I would not pair it with a suit you could dress it up with a nice set of trousers and a button up shirt and look very presentable but could also throw on a blazer with a nice pair of jeans over the boots and also come out with a great look. It’s hard to find that perfect boot that can go so many ways with different styles/occasions/looks and be affordable at the same time. I have yet to make a boot for myself but it is definitely in my line up for what I need to do next so that I can truly complete my wardrobe!

But for all those guys who buy boots such as Mark Nason, Jo Ghost, Robert Wayne etc. (Look here for examples) and wear them with your tight T-shirts and True Religion jeans that are so baggy you could probably fit my entire torso inside the pant leg of a size 30……PLEASE spare yourself the embarrassment!!! You are not cool and you look like a joke. Buy yourself some grown up boots and become a real man!!

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