I took a quick pit stop into Leffot in NYC yesterday to say hello to Steven and see what they had on offer and was very happy to see many beautiful things in the shop.

For those that do not know, Steven Taffel, who created Leffot in NYC, is one of the pioneers of the multi-brand shoe shops in the US that actually brought quality shoemakers like Aubercy, Gaziano & Girling, Norman Viltala etc (all hailing out of Europe) instead of the typical Italian shoe brands that were being sold across the nation as the ‘quality shoes’ of the world, but in reality are just common Italian shoe brands. (i.e. do not read that as Italian shoemakers do not make quality shoes, it’s just the ones that are typically sold in US department stores are NOT the ones that are actually making the best shoes in Italy).

The US market has very much to thank Leffot for bringing good shoes to the US

So, here is a quick peek at what he has in store now:

1. Norman Vilalta ‘Deacon Chelsea Boot’

As show above and below, this boot, has been a huge boom to the shoe industry as Norman essentially blends a derby and chelsea to make the unique and famous ‘Deacon Chelsea’ boot.

2. Black suede options by Alden

I was quite surprised and impressed to see black suede options by American Shoemaker, Alden. It is not often that you see Black Suede, pretty much in general. And unless I am pleasantly mistaken, I thought that it was nearly impossible to see that from an American maker. But lo and behold, there it was. And I can only commend him for having the balls to order these as black suede, even though one of my favorite leathers, is one tough sale!!

Let’s see who takes the dive into one of these beauties!

3. Corthay Shoes

Corthay has been one of the original shoemakers to set foot in the Leffot premises and remains there to this day. Here is a selection of what they are offering at the moment. That double monk is killer to say the least!

4. Saint Crispins

A few of the current offering. I always loved their very clean double monk and the chukka of their chukka boots, both highlighted in the photos!

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