I saw this boot, by Septieme Largeur, back in June when I was visiting Paris and have been waiting for its launch to share with all of you as I really liked it and thought that many of you who are into this dress casual look might be too. A shoe/boot is rarely justified in photo and while this looks great in this photo, it looks even better in person and even more so underneath a nice pair of jeans. Being a denim head myself (not in snobbery of material but in quantity of jeans owned), I could very much see myself getting a lot of use out of something like this for the upcoming colder months. The sole used is extremely light, comfortable and just high enough to protect those from the light snowy areas. To me it reminds of the French, patina’d version of the classic Timberland boot. So if you like those, I could really see you getting some use out of this. And better yet, you can make it whatever color you want!


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