How Patina Can Change The Design – Septieme Largeur

How Patina Can Change The Design - Septieme Largeur

The beauty of patina’d shoes is that they possibilities of what you can have are only limited by the skill of the patina artist. The better the artist, the more chances you have at getting whatever your imagination can drum up. So many people tend to focus on color for a patina, but what about changing the look of the design? You can add lines on a patina that would make it appear as if there is a seam there. Some might think that it defeats the purpose, you might as well just get the exact shoe that you want and then patina it, but what about when that exact shoe doesn’t really exist? For example, how often do you see a chelsea boot with a cap on it? Almost never. So the beauty of patina, is that not only can you change color, but you can add a cap to a chelsea boot, or a wholecut or whatever it is that you want that might be lacking.

And for me it makes great sense for this model as I don’t particularly like chelsea boots, but with this wing cap added to the toe box it looks a lot more wearable in my eyes. Good to see Septieme Largeur switching it up a bit and attempting new things. Also, I noticed that tomorrow is the last day of their private sale and thus so will begin their normal sale which will be until end of July. Happy Shopping!

How Patina Can Change The Design - Septieme Largeur How Patina Can Change The Design - Septieme Largeur


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