Septieme Largeur Strikes Again!

Septieme Largeur Strikes Again!
This chelsea boot by Septieme Largeur just might be the best one that I have ever seen. Its patina just takes it to another level, especially for me as I am not naturally the biggest fan of the chelsea boot. I mean, I like it when I see it on others but have never fancied it on me, looking down at all of that leather without any laces on it. But this makes me think that I need a pair, ASAP too as it is boot season!! Will have to go see them in person tomorrow as a quick visit to the SL shop is always a pleasure as I walk from Gare du Nord to my hotel and pass by it. Will see if I can get more pics too for IG and the rest of social media.

It would appear that more and more is going on so I will continue to start doing these little side tidbits at the bottom of posts. That being, here is some more news:

For those that missed it, yesterday I announced the launch of my J.FitzPatrick Footwear blog. You can see the latest post HERE. Soon there will be an opportunity to subscribe for all of those that want to keep up. But bookmark it for now!!

On November 7th, Styleforum and A&H Magazine are teaming up to host a one day pop up trunk show in NYC and I will be there (among A LOT of other brands) with my shoes displaying and taking orders for those that wish to get their hands on a pair. See the link here for more details:

Also, for those in Gothenburg, Sweden, remember that I will be having another trunk show, this time at Cape Cod on October 23rd/24th. I will actually be bringing A LOT of shoes with me, and to leave with should you like. Will have a trial period of selling my shoes there. Come check it out!

Septieme Largeur Strikes Again!

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  1. “…I like it when I see it on others but have never fancied it on me, looking down at all of that leather without any laces on it.” So you don’t like button boots, loafers or monk straps either? 🙂

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