Saint Crispins Blue Monkstrap Boot
Photos courtesy of Leatherfoot

I am such a sucker for leather being mixed with suede. It really just creates such a beautiful contrast in the footwear region and when it goes from the trouser material touching the suede to the suede touching the leather, it is simply creates the perfect harmonious match. Even better when one of the colors is blue. And double brownie points when both colors are blue! So needless to say, when a blog reader sent me his latest acquisition (the Saint Cripsins as shown) I was terrible impressed with his choosing. Add that patina like finish and voilà, you have a magnificent shoe (or boot in this case)!!!

Saint Crispins are currently in NYC at Leffot during a trunk show (as we speak) and will soon be in Toronto at Leatherfoot for another one, March 13th-15th. Get there if you want a pair!!

Saint Crispins Blue Monkstrap Boot



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5 thoughts on “Saint Crispins Blue Monkstrap Boot”

  1. Love the deviation from dark brown or navy. Surprising color but not too shocking for everyday work wear.

  2. What a great looking shoe! I just had a pair of oxblood double monk straps made – leather cap and upper, suede vamp. I’m picking them up tomorrow from my shoemaker (I live in SE Asia, so the quality isn’t always great, but you can’t beat the price, so it’s a great way to expose myself to different styles and see what I like). Your blog has always been a great inspiration – keep it up!

  3. Not a fan of this boot per se, but St Crispin is definitely becoming a problem! “I sense a disturbance in the force”

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