A Check-In from Romania

Dear Readers,

I am off on a small adventure to Romania and Vienna, spending some time with my good friend, Phillip Car of Saint Crispins. Today, I am at their workshop in Brasov, Romania seeing how it all goes down. Needless to say it is quite impressive. Of course this is a simply a sneak peak of more greatness to come. Just you wait! Tomorrow we will head back to Vienna and while there, I will of course do some more homework for the blog and go see both Maftei and Scheer. It should be a great trip full of lots of shoes and a camera empty of memory. I will always do my best to keep up with the blog, to quench all of your thirsts for shoes, but emails as per usual will suffer a bit. I trust that you all understand. Anyway, enjoy these beauties by Saint Crispins and feast your eyes on that deerskin on that sleek double monk loafer. What a shoe!

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