The Age of Photo Sharing
MTO Saint Crispins balmoral boot for Leatherfoot


With Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all of the rest of the social media outlets that one can view pictures on, a world in which ideas can be shared from one side of the globe to the other within a matter of a split second has been created. And there is nothing cooler. Getting pictures for the site used to take some actual research. Now I am bombarded by them and it’s hard to filter through the trillion possibilities that I have access to while at the same time trying to use things that most of you hopefully have not seen yet. That being, while it makes my job that much easier, at the same time it makes it harder to find “fresh” content for all of you.

The Age of Photo Sharing
Edward Green for Leffot
The Age of Photo Sharing
Carmina Balmoral boots courtesy of their Instagram account

What’s also great about this new age of technology is that it allows for the infinite spreading of ideas and the infinite amount possibilities in which to access them. That being, one can see what people in Japan are wearing through everyone’s WIWT (what I am wearing today) pictures on Instagram or even the style of those in the States, Europe, Africa or even New Zealand or Australia (and not to mention every other place on the planet!). We can see how style is being executed and gain inspiration from it. For me this is amazing as different cultures view style in different ways and being able to access one’s cultural style without having to pay for a plane ticket to do so is brilliant. Of course I personally focus less on clothing as more on the shoes and take great pleasure seeing MTO or bespoke shoes made by those outside of my immediate surroundings/cultures.

The Age of Photo Sharing
G&G’s new Deco models and colorways
The Age of Photo Sharing
G&G Deco Wholecut in burgundy Stingray for Japanese customer

This new found craze only makes me wonder ‘what will come up next?’ Who the heck knows, but for now I will definitely continue appreciating the access to this infinite catalogue of beautiful shoes. Even more rewarding is that all of you are too. And when great ideas spread from one country to the next, the possibility of altering the way we think as a collective group of people can hopefully lead us into a time where WE ALL appreciate beautifully well-made footwear!



4 thoughts on “The Age of Photo Sharing”

  1. I’ve seen loads of shoes that mix calf and suede, is it a trend? (I’m fairly new to the nice shoes world, so I wouldn’t know if it is a traditional style)

    1. no not really a trend. It has been around for awhile, but you just don’t see it all that often in the professional world, It is more for the person who doesn’t really need shoes for a uniform but just likes nice shoes

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