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After a year and a half of the J.FitzPatrick brand being in existence, I have finally been fortunate enough to take myself and shoes to Hong Kong and Singapore for a few trunk shows. I am quite excited, not only to meet my supporters out there but also because I have never been to that side of the world and greatly look forward to experiencing new things. I know that many of you in that region of the world, who have been supporting the blog for a long time and have been curious about the shoes, have been hesitant to place an online order for fear of it not working out. I am therefore pleased that I finally have the chance to bring the shoes with me in order for all of you to not only see their quality but be able to try them on and see if they work for you.

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Hong Kong

– – November 14th/15th — The Armoury — 307 Pedder Building (3rd Floor) —

The trunk show will take place at the one and only The Armoury who were kind enough to allow me to have my trunk show in their illustrious shop. As a clothier that stands for excellence and whom have pioneered many of the menswear trends that we see today, it is an honor to be presenting there and eagerly await my time spent in their shop. Appointments are not necessary but should you like to make one anyway please email me at

I very much look forward to meeting all of you in Hong Kong that will be able to make it!!

Facebook Event Page:

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— November 21st/22nd — Kevin Seah Bespoke –55B/C Boat Quay –

Singaporean bespoke tailor (and legend), Mr. Kevin Seah, was kind enough to host me for my trunk show and adventures in Singapore. Kevin and I have been friends for a while, and he once came and visited me here in London and now it’s time to return the favor. So for all of you in or around Singapore that weekend, please come visit us at his lovely new shop. Again appointments are not necessary but should you like to make one, please email me at to do so. We hope to see all of you there!

Facebook Event Page:

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I hope that many of you are as excited as I am to come out and I truly look forward to putting many faces to names from over the years. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. And please pass this post on to anyone that you think might be interested. Thank you!

I wish everyone a good weekend,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

26 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob/J.FitzPatrick Goes To Hong Kong & Singapore”

  1. Justin, I do not know if there would be able model I would like to buy at the point, but I would like to take the opportunity to come and try the sizing out, I am sure there would be a model out soon that I would like to get. Would that be ok? Also I would like to buy you a drink if you have the time, there is a nice roof top lounge where they sell my wine and if you would like to take me up on it let me know 🙂 You have been a great help and source of information, would be great to meet.

  2. Best of luck in your travels and I hope you have lots of fun! I only wished you’d stop by in Bangkok, I can’t find anywhere to buy good shoes here 🙁

  3. Kevin Seah is a legendary bespoke tailor? Justin, as much as I love your shoes and blog, you have gone a bit too far in praising Kevin. Most bespoke aficionados in Singapore know that Kevin Seah isnt a good tailor. And if you care to find out more, please ask around how many shoes aficiondos in Singapore decided not to attend G&G trunk show for the sole reason that Tony and Dean were partnering with Kevin Seah.

    1. Wow! Seems like you a hater of Kevin Seah? The man or the brand? 🙂 Care to share why the shoe aficiondos don’t like Kevin Seah? Should clarify as I sure do not want GG to lose business in Singapore 🙂

  4. Such a pleasure meeting the man behind all the amazing shoes. Took time off and went down to finally get a chance to see the amazing shoes in real life! Well made they are, indeed. Would definitely consider one of the future models. It was simply an amazing experience and it was a pleasure meeting you, Justin!

  5. If only you could come and visit India as well. There is such a huge love and passion for shoes here. Please try to do a trunk show in New Delhi and Mumbai.

  6. What a pity that you’re being hosted by Kevin Seah. Otherwise I’d definitely have come down to meet and have a chat with you in the view of your spectacular pieces. It has been long known that Kevin Seah overcharges for China-made quality of suits, only without the knowledge of his loyal customers which are blinded by the branding and set-up of his store (Which also brings in other expensive shoe brands and accessories to push up the name of his overpriced suits.) A humble man like you surely deserves a better location to showcase and introduce your brand in Singapore. I will most definitely visit you sometime soon in your boutique. Cheers!

    1. Now that’s a great slanderous comment and insult to our work F. Clinton! Care to prove to the world that our suits are China made quality? Have you visited our shop? Care to contact me and teach me how to run my business rather than shooting me off here? If you cannot afford the shoes and suits we make in the store that’s your problem and not mine! I hope you re-evaluate your statement here before I do what I have to do to make you present yourself with a public apology.

      1. Hi Mr Kevin, I’ve made a couple of acquaintances who have been customers of your store. They have all shared their experiences with me and there’s no denying of the widespread speculation of your poor quality around the local community. Yes I have visited the shop, and spoken to you as well. You have displayed the exact arrogance as in your message. I don’t see how you should conclude that I cannot afford the shoes and suits based on my comment. If you’re referring to the word “overpriced”, I refer to your shoddy quality for it’s price tag. I am more than willing to splurge on a well-made suit done by a REAL bespoke tailor and have had a couple made on Savile Row. Why should I have to apologize to you for calling you out. Maybe if you were a real tailor you would be doing the tailoring right now instead of reading comments on your store off someone else’s blog yeah?

        1. ALL our customer know that if they are not happy with their suits, we most welcome them back to have them fixed. That’s our policy.
          And also we’ve been seeing lots of similar post against us in other forums. Just to let you know 🙂 Have a good day ahead and good luck with your tailoring apprenticeship 🙂

          1. Well you can’t fix the issue of the suit being overcharged can you? And your other policies must also include always picking on people who have views that don’t land in your favor, and naming people poor just because they don’t like your suits. (Which you don’t even tailor) I’m just glad you acknowledge the many honest opinions of people on how they view your store 😀 Have a great business ahead. I do not wish to waste my time talking to someone who always needs the last say, even when he’s already been called out.

          2. F. Clinton, you are absolutely right. As far as I know, Kevin Seah doesn’t even do the cutting/tailoring. He sub-contracts it out. He only take the measurements and yes, stitching, which makes no wonder why you always see photos of him doing just either that. That is why I am bemused why Justin claim that he is a legendary bespoke tailor.

          3. Well thank you for that fine sir! I would suppose someone who has learnt the art of tailoring would definitely have more patience than what we have observed through his comments. And given the amount of time actually needed to make a suit, I highly doubt he would find the time to stalk comments pertaining to himself and his “brand” on the web.

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