Bestetti for MTO Paris2


This has to be the most intriguing adelaide that I have ever seen. It just has so much character with the shape of the facing design. Most things in footwear are quite soft and neutral as to appeal to the masses but you can tell that when Bestetti created this, he was probably thinking to himself, ‘screw it, I am going to design what I like and want and not what might appeal to everyone.’ Nevertheless, what came out for me is one bad-ass shoe that has a lot of fierceness to it. It’s like when you study the psychology that goes behind the design of a car (particularly it’s front end). If you have ever paid attention, most front ends of cars typically purchased by men, have a ‘mean’ look to them. Before cars use to have round, soft headlights, and now they are all square and fierce looking. Just look at the Camaro’s and Dodge Charger’s. This shoe reminds me of that idea. But fierceness aside, it is immaculate in every other respect.

Pictures courtesy of Made to Order Paris

Bestetti for MTO Paris3 Bestetti for MTO Paris

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