Riccardo Bestetti Cowboy Boots

Riccardo Bestetti Cowboy Boots
I will start by saying that personally, I don’t like cowboy boots. But as a shoe lover in general and someone that likes the craft sides of things, I can really appreciate not only the art that goes into a pair of cowboy boots but also the immense craftsmanship that does too. And while you wouldn’t catch me dead in any of these boots, I really admire them for their beauty as works of art, particularly the stitching and color on the red ones. And these bad boys are all courtesy of Riccardo Bestetti who started his venture into shoemaking by making lovely boots like this, by hand. And while his focus is now more on dress shoes, it would appear that when in the mood (or when someone orders) he still goes back to his past time of making cowboy boots.

For those of you in Texas, you may want to give him a shot when you are tired of buying Luccheses.

Riccardo Bestetti Cowboy Boots Riccardo Bestetti Cowboy Boots Riccardo Bestetti Cowboy Boots

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