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Balmoral Boots by Meccariello

I am usually not to crazy about tan shoes outside of brogues, maybe loafers as I tend to wear them with jeans but tan shoes in general just really aren’t my thing. But I saw this boot by Antonio Meccarielloand had a change of heart. It is such a great make up and all of the details really go together quite well, even the trainer-like laces that I wouldn’t normally think to pair with dress shoes. But hey, it worked in my opinion and this whole ensemble makes for one great looking boot. But while I do love it for what it looks like, I think that I would still find it challenging to wear with my wardrobe as I don’t have a lot of lighter colors and contrasting against navy would be just to strong for me. But thankfully I love wearing jeans and these would sit just fine underneath some nice denim!

All pictures courtesy of En Grande Pompe

Balmoral Boots by Meccariello Balmoral Boots by Meccariello Balmoral Boots by Meccariello

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