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A Very Elegant Chukka by Bestetti


I really like chukka boots, but just realized that I only have one pair of them and don’t wear them often. I don’t know why that is but I need to change that! I saw this one here by Riccardo Bestetti and was quite fascinated with its beauty. Everything about it is very elegant and appealing. And I know that some have an issue with how long Bestetti’s lasts are but after looking at his Tumblr page (and having seen all of his samples in person) I think a lot of it also boils down to how he takes photos. For example, if you look at the top image, the toe box looks really long. But if you look at the direct side image of the inside of the boot, you can see that it is a lot more proportional. Still long for some people’s taste, but not overly in my opinion. But that is why I like it. Its fine last shape makes it quite elegant and dressy as opposed to your classic, more casual chukka boot. And Bestetti is very good at making things more elegant.

A Very Elegant Chukka by Bestetti A Very Elegant Chukka by Bestetti A Very Elegant Chukka by Bestetti

2 thoughts on “A Very Elegant Chukka by Bestetti”

  1. Beautiful. I realize that regular length boots look short at the side, since they are taller than shoes. Boots should be longer to be proportional to their height, but those tend to be more expensive (boots are my bad weather footwear).

  2. Archana Paladugu


    Do you think you could make a post about women’s shoes ? Ballet flats, patent shoes, tall boots, etc ?

    Thank you !

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