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Shoe design, while not terribly complicated, is not very easy when it comes to making something different, yet still elegant and wearable. I know that I have said it a million times, but it is just one of those things you have to say when you see something to terrifically different and cool. You see that a lot of thought when into this pattern, from the dips in each section of the shoe (cap, counter and facing), to the size and design of the brogueing, to the unique penny slot and the subtle red piping. Again, as I have put the ghillie version of this Riccardo Bestetti shoe and mentioned not being a fan of the perforated area with the snowflake design, I would really love to see this make-up in a bunch of other combinations. I think that I could go wild on MTOs with this shoe as I just feel that it lends itself to so many amazing opportunities of†meshing leathers/fabrics/colors to create some astonishing pieces of footwear.

So, let’s see who is going to order it and what they are going to create. And if you happen to be that person, please do email me with the results as I am quite enamored with this design!


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