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Something Different - A Chelsea With Brogueing by Riccardo Bestetti

It’s always fascinating to see shoe design that has never been done before, and I am quite sure this new chelsea boot by Riccardo Bestetti is a unique one for the industry. It certainly is not the first attempt at a brogued chelsea boot but the lines on it are different than anything I have seen before, and they also changed the shape of the gore which is not often done either. It was and still is always fascinating to see Riccardo’s visions in shoe design take shape and while I never really liked the idea of a brogued chelsea (as I thought it was simply going overboard), I actually like this one. And this is mainly for the fact that it looks very Victorian with the balmoral line. The thought of the trouser sitting perfectly on the shaft, just showing that brogued line in a very subtle manner makes me feel that it would be a very good look!

My hat is always tipped to my late friend for his great impact on the shoe industry. Viva La Freccia!

3 thoughts on “Something Different – A Chelsea With Brogueing by Riccardo Bestetti”

  1. Yanko also has a brogued “balmoral” Chelsea boot, and I think Crockett and Jones has a wingtip Chelsea this season.

    but does the fact that the broguing allow the above boot to be made from separate pieces of leather take away from the workmanship of the shoe? would it take more workmanship skills to make a wholecut (Alki)/or regular Chelsea boot than these brogued boots when it comes to lasting and making?
    Justin please enlighten us….

  2. Oh darn, my post got deleted – oh wait its probably because I included a link to another retailer, sorry about that…
    Just wanted to ask if using multiple pieces of leather make a Chelsea boot takes away from the workmanship of the boot vs something that is wholecut or a regular Chelsea.

    1. i only delete posts that are spam. I simply hadn’t approved yours yet which is why it wasn’t visible. I don’t mind if people add links to other sites unless it is blatantly trying to sell someone their own product if you get what I mean

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