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Ramon Cuberta is a nice guy. Always kind. Always humble and makes great shoes. Just the kind of ingredients you look for when supporting an artist.

So its my pleasure to let those of you London based (or close by) know that he is soon going to be presenting his shoes in the great city of London, at Ascot Shoes – Stowers London in 13, Savile Row, Mayfair.

Days: April 4-5-6 (10AM-17:30PM),

Appointments requested by emailing : or

But for those of you not London based, what I really wanted to show were his great shoes and striking designs.

Its nice when a shoemaker finds a little piece of detail that he can call his own and Ramon has done that with his very sharply designed facing piece (the leather around the laces). If you pay close attention he does a lot of adelaides and most of those have if not the same, a very closely designed facing piece that simply defines Ramon’s shoes. And thats great!

You see it incorporated into his new gladiator model as well as this bespoke model that is half gladiator and half cap toe brogue, which is extremely unique and striking at the same time. And of course youbsee it on his more straight forward adelaides with clean toes. And that facing is Ramon’s.

I love what he is doing and hopefully many of you will too as it is great to support small artisans who are genuine in their work and do it for the passion. And Ramon does it for the passion, thats for sure!

Wishing all a wonderful weekend

-Justin FitzPatrick

3 thoughts on “Ramon Cuberta – London Trunk Show & New Version of Gladiator!”

  1. Thank you for sharing Justin.

    It is always good to find out about brands that don’t have the commercial power of famous ones outside shoe enthusiasts. The RTW models look like a great deal.

    Will you be covering the Trunk Show from last week? I got a decent amount of photo material from your booth!

  2. How can we get varieties of shoes you have? I have been following your page. I am in Lesotho but looking forward to have few of your shoes.

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