There are not too many saddle oxfords out there, but an even more underrepresented oxford is the swan neck oxford, which for me is among the most elegant of oxfords. It goes back to the whole idea of being afraid of what we are not used to, like dark blue, dark green or any color leather outside of oxblood, black and shades of brown. I actually find this shoe to be more elegant and formal looking than the nicest wholecut there is. Something about that swan neck line really appeals to me and just screams elegance, just like a beautiful white swan does. Yet, people are afraid to wear it. Why? I just don’t get it? Come on people, challenge your fears, not only in shoes but in general. And well done to Mr. Ramon Cuberta for something so beautiful!

RCuberta_BlackOxf_0003 RCuberta_BlackOxf_0004 RCuberta_BlackOxf_0018

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