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Ramon Cuberta†(bespoke shoemaker out of Barcelona)†makes a sharp chisel toe. It just might be the sharpest that I have ever seen. There is no mistaking that line and it really gives off the idea of how chisel a chisel last can go. Part of this is creating a very sharp last on the corners of the toe box, but also doing a very good job of molding (hammering and sanding down) the leather toe stiffener to shape like that and then also doing a great job of lasting as tight as can be so that not one spec of air is left between the stiffener and the upper. And doing all of that together is what really gets you these results, not simply have a sharp last. This is the beauty of bespoke, the fact that the toe part of the shoe can be more manipulated by the making than the actual look of the last itself. And Ramon does a good job at showing how far manipulation of the toe can go here with one of his latest creations. Well done Ramon!

And for those of you in Stockholm, remember that I will be having my trunk show there this Fri/Sat. Do come and check it out if you have the time!!

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