Cuervo Cobblerblack Bird – Another Spanish Shoemaker

Cuervo Cobblerblack Bird - Another Spanish Shoemaker

There are a group of shoemakers in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, named Cuervo Cobblerblack Bird. They have been banded together since 2006. But only thanks to Instagram, have I recently discovered their existence and wished to share it all with you. I remember when I used to think that Barcelona really only had like 2 bespoke shoemakers, but as time goes on, as does the internet, I am seeing that it is a haven for shoemakers. And thanks to IG and the internet we are all able to discover them more easily. I see mainly classic shoes on their social media but for those that wish to go wild, I am sure that they can accommodate. I cannot tell you pricing but they are pretty easy to get in touch with on Instagram.

Whose buying tickets to Barcelona? I miss it there!!


Cuervo Cobblerblack Bird - Another Spanish Shoemaker

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