It’s amazing how many shoemakers there actually are in this world, that probably most really don’t know about. Thankfully for the internet though one is able to learn about them and quite possibly make a point to visit/commission a pair of their shoes. When you think about the cost of bespoke shoes, one might not be able to justify spending 3000 on a pair of British made ones, but would much rather justify going to Barcelona, spending much less than that, and using the difference towards a week in a beautiful city. That also makes sense to me! And that is the beauty of discovering people like Ramon Cuberta, who have the abilities to make good shoes, but not so much the ability to become world recognized due to the lack of exposure of his workshop and the fact that when most people think of Barcelona, they think of beaches and Gaudi. But now, you can think that in a city as beautiful as Barcelona, hey if you want bespoke shoes you actually have few options!

To learn more about Ramon, see a few links below:

FB Page
His Blog
Write up on Claymoor’s List

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