Nedelcu Marian Shoes – To Watch Out For

Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For

There is another Romanian shoemaker on the scene that is making some interesting things lately. His name is Nedelcu Marian and as you can see from the post, this is one of his latest and most intriguing creations that really caught my eye. We have been in touch for a while via The Shoe Snob Blog Instagram. It is one of those situations where the shoemaker pumps out a lot of shoes, some not really my thing at all, but some are very cool and unique, as is this red number here.


Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For


From looking at his work, it all seems handmade, although I have not officially confirmed that. There are two things that he seems to really specialize in, or at least that create ‘his look.’ One is these super large welts as he is applying two rows of sole stitching on the welt, for what will clearly make for a very strong construction. The other thing is these over-sized medallions on the vamp which is what really caught my attention the first time around as the extra-wide welt is not my thing. Check his IG for those.

My only gripe is the refinement but as with many young shoemakers, this comes with time and I imagine that in a year or two he will be sitting among the best in Romania.

Anyway, just wanted to leave a quick post before the weekend kicks in.

Keep an eye for them by checking out their IG account and maybe soon you will see an unboxing video on a pair of them to get more info on the brand and the build.


Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out ForNedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For Nedelcu Marian Shoes - To Watch Out For


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6 thoughts on “Nedelcu Marian Shoes – To Watch Out For”

  1. Good day .!!!

    I’m from Srilanka
    I like to have this nice shoe..
    How can I buy ….

    Waiting for valuable reply..


    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      please contact the maker listed in the text of the post, with links to both his website and Instagram

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