Next Level Unique by Antonio Meccariello

Some shoes just stop you in your tracks. These bad boys by Meccariello did that for me. Naturally, being a suck for blue suede it is not hard for me to be enamored by a pair of them. But these took it to the next level with all of the subtle details that are quite impressive when you really start to dissect them. So lets take a look at them, one by one.

1. He managed to make a longwing, balmoral-oxford without cluttering the pattern. The lines sit perfectly and harmoniously with each other. And by adding that white stitching, it allowed you to see and feel that even more so.

2. If you look at each set of stitching, the one closest to the seam is two rows while the one further away is one. That allows you to easily see the piece separation without over intensifying the look. The only downside here is by using white stitching it shows your flaws and there are some dodgy lines in there. But I have to say this is natural. Sewing perfectly straight might be the hardest thing in shoemaking, especially when you have to match one line against another. That’s a serious skill.

3. Adding the Norwegian stitching but doing so elegantly without it becoming too clunky. That’s always my gripe with the Norwegian welt complementing a dress shoe. If not done extra tight and on the more fine side, it makes the shoe too bulky looking, which for me defeats the purpose of putting it on a dress style. But he did a great job here of not making it so heavy in appearance which I felt added a nice touch to this suede oxford.

Moat of the time we don’t really know what makes one shoe more attractive compared to the next. One sees it more after going more in-depth with the study of patterns, balance, and last shapes. And pairing all 3 of those things perfectly makes the shoes that we stare in awe over. And for me, this shoe knocked it out of the park in all of those details.

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Next Level Unique by Antonio Meccariello


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