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Prior to being a chelsea boot lover, admittedly I was a chelsea boot hater. There were two issues that were blocking my train of thought in that time (about 6-8 years ago). I found that most chelsea boots in the industry at the time used more robust, overly rounded lasts (in my opinion). Being someone of short to average stature, I never found that this look suited my way of dress or body frame. On top of that, the ones that were not like that (i.e. robust), were on the other side of the spectrum, being elongated. When trying those on, I felt like I had these super long canoes on my feet, with all that leather and no break-up points (i.e. from stitching, pattern pieces etc). So, I remained unsatisfied in my quest for the ultimate chelsea boot that I found suited my style/frame.

Years later, I grew up, got lazy and started to love Chelsea boots as one of my go-to models during the colder months of the year. And that brings to me this post and these boots. I cannot really tell if I like these boots, personally, but appreciate the idea behind this patina and how its fading like nature helps to break up the illusion of elongation and so much ‘plain leather.’ And I am wondering how others feel about this? Now, of course, red against black is a strong contrast but the idea of blending two colors on the vamp of a chelsea and that illusion of ‘break-up’ is really what makes me curious here. I would like to see this on a dark brown chelsea boot with maybe a tan-reverse patina coloring. I think that on longer lasts, this might personally help me, psychologically, not to see the boots as being overly-elongated. What say you?

Either way, I commend Antonio Meccariello’s unique footwear that he never stops creating for his loyal customer base. I find myself consistently impressed when browsing his Instagram page.

3 thoughts on “Unique Chelsea Boots by Antonio Meccariello”

  1. I agree with your “not sure I like them” sentiments, and your whole thoughts on Chelsea boots!! Best pair for me (now like rocking horse shit) are the tan-coloured Chatham Dudley, leather with brogue-style detailing and a welted sole, the most comfortable things I’ve ever had on my feet…I wish more followed suit, this pair!! I’ve worn this pair 3/4 times a week for 3 years

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