Paolo Scafora is based in Naples, Italy, and was founded by Gennaro Scafora, who named the company after his son. Today, Paolo Scafora runs the company with his name attached to it. Originally they had been known for a very Italian style of shoemaking, with very daring patinas, wide sole edges and a characteristically extreme square toe. In recent years, however, they have diversified their style, still distinctly Italian shoes, but with more classically styled last shapes and tighter sole edges. But along with their Italian style, they offer a lot of classic models like the featured image and can produce every style of construction known to shoemaking. Predominantly though, their house style shoes are hand welted with a machine-made sole stitch and have leather stiffeners both in the heel and toe.

Scafora’s prices start at £860/€980 for hand welted models and £970/€1,100 for Norvegese construction. The MTO surcharge is 20% of the base price, which is relatively low compared to the industry standard. The brand has gained popularity in recent years with retailers now in many placers over the world.

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