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Last time I was in NYC (Nov ’15), I took my typical stroll from Leffot in the Village, up to 6th and about 40th or so, across to 5th and then up to Bergdorfs†and I saw this shoe by Bontoni. —This is my usual routine when I get to NYC. It not only allows me to take the city for all of its glory with a nice 50-block walk, but is also the perfect geographical line to see the two of the three selections of shoes that I like I keep up with (starting at the Armoury in Tribeca just takes too long!). — As anyone who has read this blog longer than 6 months would have guessed, I immediately fell in love with it (and let me tell you the pictures do not do it justice). Everything about it was flawless: the richness of the merlot color, the contrast with navy, the last shape, the detailing of the brogue on the balmoral line etc.

For those of you capable of Edward Green, G&G and the like but have yet to try a Bontoni, well may I suggest you do so as they don’t get much better for an Italian make of shoe, I promise you that.

Pictures courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman


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