I have been seeing this new Bestetti shoe all over the place, from Instagram, to Facebook to the web and thought to share it with all of you that haven’t yet seen it. It’s not for everyone due to its intricate detailing, that’s for sure, but hopefully many of you can appreciate it for it’s design (thought process and small details all around) which to me is very impressive. The Modern day ghillie is taking leaps and bounds into becoming what looks like the new shoe trend as more and more shoemakers attempt it (I can’t lie, I have a samples in the works too!). But I am unsure if it will take real steps into the industry as I find that the ghillie is simply far too bold for the average Joe. But I can see it becoming an internet phenomenon for the gents out there with +10 pairs of shoes already in their wardrobe.

But the point of this post was more to dissect the brilliance of this shoe as it does have immense design detail. I will admit, I am not crazy about those snowflake-looking bits in the perforated bit but the rest of the shoe is fantastic. First, the design is unique. I have never seen anything like it. I wouldn’t even know what to call the cap, but first though would be the new V-Cap. And that is just the start. The small holes leading to the big ones at each point is genius. It’s all too easy just doing regular brogueing, but you can tell this took thought. And it’s even in the facing. The pattern is in such harmony with itself from every dip to every point, the balances itself beautifully.

This is hands-down, the coolest shoe I have seen in awhile. My applaud goes out to the Bestetti company for this work of art!


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