New Aubercy Loafers

I know many of us are approaching Autumn here, but in many otherplaces they are approaching Summer so I could not help but show these beauts, by Aubercy, to the world as I am a sucker for the use of denim in a shoe and on top of that, a light denim no less (which I have yet to see). I don’t think that I have ever owned a pair of jeans in the shade of this denim butI have to say that it pairs fantastically with this shade of tan leather. And this combination is something that I would definitely rock hard, especially in the Spring/Summer but would even allow them some daylight exposure on these beautifullysunny, yet chilly A/W days that I am so fond of.

What say you? Would you wear these? Imagine them paired with beige chinos and a white or light blue oxford shirt. I could see that outfit getting a lot of attention!

New Aubercy Loafers

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