Aubercy’s New Models

Aubercy's New Models
So I am currently in Paris in preparation for my trunk show here at the Menswear Corner concept store, from tomorrow until Saturday at 12 Passage Choiseul (75002). Considering I had some down time after my quick and easy set up, I decided to pop by one of my favorite Parisian shoemakers; the one and only Aubercy and see what they have been cooking up. Needless to say, I am always impressed when I go in there as their personal style of shoe is very near my own, but of course they put their amazing French twist on everything that I could never dream of since I don’t have ounce of French blood running through my veins. They had a few new things going and what stood out most to me where these 3 (of course all two tones and flash!). On another not, they have now officially launched their bespoke service but I will write about that in another post with a whole lot of great pictures of amazing shoes!

For those in and around Paris, I hope to see you if not tomorrow then Saturday. Do try and make it if you can!

And on another note, for those of you in SE Asia, Kevin Seah has just started stocking Carmina for those of you interested in checking their shoes out. And with that he will be doing a trunk show in Bangkok Dec. 18th & 19th. Check his site for more details…

Aubercy's New Models Aubercy's New Models

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