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The Parisian shoe house, Aubercy, never ceases to amaze me for their design brilliance. I won’t lie and say that I love every intricate design that they make, but I can appreciate the majority of them and love a great many, such as this new amazing penny loafer with contrasted piping. This loafer, while nothing groundbreaking in terms of design just goes to show you the little details that make up shoe design such as the sharp, pointed edge of the top, back seams of the strap. Not sure if you can see it, but it is not symmetrical like most strap endings are. And that little design characteristic you might not ever realize or notice is there but without knowing it, could very well be what attracts you to the loafer. Not saying it is for sure, but these little intricate details are what make shoes beautiful and a lot of times the common person can’t pin point in detail what attracts them to a shoe outside of the common themes: shape, quality, make etc. But it is often the greatness of the pattern and small details that make our brains be attracted to something. And Aubercy does a brilliant job at doing that which is why their shoes are so damn beautiful!!

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