So, in my quest to expand my ways of providing you all with knowledge, imagery, information etc on all things footwear, I realized that from my unboxing video I lacked one crucial element. And that was up close and personal detail shots of the shoes that I was speaking on. That being, I have decided to now accompany these extra videos that can help you understand the details that I am speaking about when I do my unboxing videos. So you can put better visuals to my audios.

So the first set of videos is of the two sample shoes that I looked at of the new Optimum Collection by Gaziano & Girling. This new collection is G&G’s answer to fully handmade RTW/MTO style shoes with all of the features of their bespoke shoes without the custom lasts and design abilities. Easily some of the most beautiful shoes I have seen in real life. Make sure to also check out their unboxing video too, so that you can get all of the info on these shoes!

I hope that you all enjoy this new series. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel too, as I will soon start uploading more there than I can always add to the blog in my quest to expand my ability to get you more and more information from my various platforms.

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