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You don’t often see blue grain tassel loafers but by the looks of these bad boys, courtesy of Saint Crispins Americas, I am thinking that we should see them more often. From what I am led to believe a tassel loafer is not so business suit appropriate according to the ideology of a true conservative mentality (even though I would wear them with a suit), so I always wondered why they always came in such conservative colors. I find myself always being far more attracted to tassel loafers that are made of grains or other unique and colorful choices. This one being the perfect example of doing just that and in what I see, still having something that is suit appropriate for the less conservative. Heck, I don’t even see why a conservative dresser could not wear these. They are elegant and professional. Well played to the person that ordered these and always a clap to Saint Crispins for executing beautifully!

2 thoughts on “Navy Grain Tassel Loafers by Saint Crispins America’s”

  1. I am the actual owner of these, I ordered them from Zachary of SCA….Thanks Justin for the compliment and thank you Zach for the great shoes!

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