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Saint Crispins Americas

The beauty of having tassels/strings on your shoes is the fact that by having an additional element you are able to do so much with it when entering the realm of MTO. The classic choice is to just go tonal but that is all too easy and while still can look good and maintain a classic look, adding flair to your shoe by giving the tassels another texture and/or color gives that little extra push towards making something truly unique, greatly appealing and ultimately desirable by many. Let’s be honest, no one is going to admire you for your all black calf tassels. Add a red string and you are going to get some looks, both good and bad, but I bet most that are looking are actually looking in admiration. Of course, doing so is a statement that you have all of your bases covered and are now wearing shoes for the fun of it which I know is a luxury that not all can afford nor care for but for me it just gives it that one bump up. These Saint Crispins, to me, would be quite boring if not for that orange string tassel. And I don’t even like orange but it made me screenshot it, save it and ultimately write about it. So that is saying something.

If you are going down the MTO route, don’t be afraid to flair it up a bit and change that one small detail that makes a world of difference.

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