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Crockett & Jones

I have never personally understood the huge, cult-like appeal to cordovan. I mean, it shines really nice, lasts really long and is durable, but I guess for the upcharge that you have to pay to get all of that, I have never really thought twice about it. The only shoe that I have every fancied to have in cordovan is the classic loafer, whether it be a penny or tassel version. While you can get cordovan in an array of colors these days, I was always personally interested in the classic burgundy color. That was until I saw this navy blue one in the Crockett & Jones shop the other day. It blue (pun intended) me away big time. I could imagine myself living in that thing, even sleeping in it. But you know me, such a maniac for blue. Well done C&J for making this one. Another thing for me to be jealous of!!

Happy Halloween to all that celebrate it. For the rest, have a great weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Crockett & Jones

5 thoughts on “The Cordovan Loafer by Crockett & Jones”

  1. Maybe it’s the photos and they look better on feet, but British loafers always look so…dumpy I guess is the best word, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a fraction of the elegance of an entry-level blake-stitched Italian one, is there any particular reason for this do you think? Is it simply good, old-fashioned British conservatism?

    1. think that it is just personal taste to be honest, as I think completely opposite to you and find that those extremely thinned soled Italian ones haven’t the slightest amount of elegance to them…. and I am not British…

  2. Justin, you were in Romania to saint crispins factory and you only showed us only 3-4 pictures. you said that you will putt a lot of pictures. Please, we are iny you for that trip, and we want to see what you saw.
    All the best,

    1. will try to get that out this week….unfortunately things don’t happen right away as I always have a back log of thing to write

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