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I guess to continue with my ‘love for sneakers campaign’ (and because it is too damn cold and nasty to wear my dress shoes), I will enlighten on my daily wear of casual shoes. Here is one of my many sneakers, the Mexico ’66 by Onitsuka Tiger (Asics). Being one of the most recognized and oldest sneaker designs still used to this day, the Mexico ’66 got it’s fame from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. For those that don’t know, Asics was the company created by Mr. Onitsuka, after a merger of three companies (one of those being Onitsuka Tiger) in 1977. The stripes that you see to this day on every Asics shoe were designed for the ‘Mexico line’ used by the Japanese team in the 1968 Olympics. Therefore, these classic stripes go back further than the actual existence of the company Asics. Regardless of all of this history, they are a great casual shoe for knock-around type activities and I enjoy them very much!!

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