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Today’s Favorites – Ronnie Fieg Collabo’s

There is no doubt that Ronnie Fieg, NYC-bred designer, has made many shoes WAY cooler than there previously were. And he did so simply by slightly modifying the style, color, shape etc. It just goes to show, how the little details can turn one thing from lame to cool. Time and time again, I have stressed those details!! While he has done countless remakes and collabo’s, here are just a few that I happen to have floating around, on my computer. Out of all of these, I truly love the top pair of Asics, simply for their coloring, but am most impressed with the fact that he was able to make a Merrell shoe, actually be stylish (second from bottom). That’s impressive! Well, I can’t think of much more to write, so I won’t create some boring gibberish to keep the post the usual length, so……goodnight!

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