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I seriously wonder what goes through the minds of certain designers when they are creating shoes like these? Even more so, how stores/online shops think to buy them, assuming that they are going to sell. And on top of that, the people that actually do spend money on these things? It really makes you understand, just how different people’s tastes can be. I mean, while some of you may hate my teal blue shoes, on the left side of this blog, I knew that they were not practical when I was making them. But as they are bespoke and the leather was available, I said, ‘why not.’ They at least are made in an elegant style and can look good with the right colors in the right season. But none of these, have an elegant, attractive nor practical nature about them. They are just ostentatious for the sake of being it. And I can understand that, because there are people that want to make a statement, to purposefully be different, but I believe that it can be done in a much more tasteful manner. Wearing shit on your feet just to do so, does not register in my mind as being different, but more like being loud because you just don’t care…. Damn, these shoes are UGLY!!!

2 thoughts on “Ugly Shoes — Seriously?”

  1. wowsers. you & i often disagree on shoes (my taste is better!) but dear heavens – i’ve seen hotel carpet made out of the same pattern as those shoes. BAD hotel carpet. that’s not OK>

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