My Love For Trainers Creeps Back With These Asics!
I know that most of you come here to see dress shoes but every now and then I have to pay tribute to the type of footwear that gave me my passion, and that is trainers. Most recently I stumbled upon this exclusive collaboration between Asics x Reigning Champ and I was really impressed by how cool they made a pair of Asics look (I was never a fan of them while younger, always Nike). I was so impressed in fact that I just bought a pair for myself, right before writing this, the black pair featured. It is strange as even though I love my dress shoes, these days I find myself gravitating towards trainers, not in the sense that I would ever wear a pair to work but more so in the sense that I often find myself going to athletic stores to see what is out. And even more extreme is the fact that I started to design a trainer as one of my next long term projects for The Shoe Snob, but it would be more towards that of a Common Project type as opposed to the likes of what is being presented here.

Nonetheless, while this blog is more catered to that of the upper echelons of smart footwear, I can’t help but praise a good trainer when I see one.

Photography Courtesy of: RunnerWally

My Love For Trainers Creeps Back With These Asics! My Love For Trainers Creeps Back With These Asics!


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