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Parisian shoemakers, Altan Bottier, have been coming out with some real interesting stuff lately. Their designs are uniquely bold. Their patinas are traditonally French and super cool. Their last shapes are sharp and elegant. And their Instagram account is filled daily with incredible shoe offerings that never cease to impress.

Most notable, for me, are the wholecut oxfords that come in Calf, Patent and Suede, all in incredible patinas in any color you can imagine. The suede one is my favorite but the tan patent one is the most striking!


Lof & Tung

Swedish shoe retailers, Skoaktiebolaget, recently created their own house line, named after founders Patrik Lof and Daniel Tung and have done a great job at offering an extensive line of interesting shoes.

They have a love for natural soles and Loden suede, two things that I love to see as it is not often seen and creates a striking pair of shoes, as you can see from the pictures shown. Aggressively priced for a welted shoe this brand should make you think twice when going for a shoe at $200 as you can spend just a little more and get a great product!


Joe Works Shoemaker

Japanese shoemaker Joe Works has made a boom on Instagram with their shoes-on-the-stool photos, in all colors, shapes, soles and forms!

Their shoes are quite classic but with an extensive MTO program, nearly anything can be done.

You can find some RTW stock of theirs at The Sabot


Graziat Taipei

Taiwanese shoemakers Graziat Taipei have only recently made my acquaintance but have done so in a very strong way. They are some of the most striking shoes I have seen recently. The sharpest lasts I have ever seen, a unique patina style (as shown above) couple with the fact that they are hand-lasted, this brand is certainly something to look out for.

I can imagine them making major headway in the shoe industry standing up to the titans of the industry. Keep your eye out for this!



Another Southeast Asian shoe brand is on the list, as truth be told, they are popping up left and right and some of them, like Yeossal, are doing great things!

Based out of Singapore, Yeossal, has introduced a super affordable handwelted line make some top class shoes. They are quite classic but elegant, well made and of course priced incredibly.

They are quickly becoming a menswear brand and you can expect big things from them!

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