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Suede with Patina by Altan Bottier

Altan Bottier is not the first to give suede a patina but I do particularly like their style of giving patina to a suede wholecutoxford. This kind of staining the trim of the shoe really gives it a unique look and makes them quite enticing for purchase. I particularly like the blue one, although that could be because blue is my favorite color. And it may sound silly but the lacing system that they choose to add to this also goes with the entire look of ‘rebel dress shoe.’ Because, a wholecut theory, should be your dressiest form of shoe that you wear with business-like attire or to a formal event but addingpatina to a suede wholecutwith crisscross laces, for me, makes this a shoe that I would most certainly pair with a set of jeans and a casual jacket, more dressy ‘rock n roll’ style!

Well done to Altan for creating something unique to themselves, subtle yet unique!

Suede with Patina by Altan Bottier Suede with Patina by Altan Bottier

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