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I have really been impressed with French shoemaker Altan as of late, but that admiration came to a whole new level when I saw their latest creation, the Kubilaï Winter Boot with St. Moritz sole. They showed me that not only can they master patina but now that they have also masteres design with this new, incredibly unique and original Winter Boot.

This is one of the coolest boots I have seen in a while. I could easily see myself wearing these, probably more often than I would want to admit. The blending of a sleek last shape with that commando like sole and a subtle storm welt, allows the wearer to wear this smartly. I can imagine a very light grey colored, tapered flannel trouser being paired with these boots. A thick roll neck sweater and a puffy vest. Maybe a beanie cap or not and boom, the perfect smart outfit for the Winter. Damn, I think I need a pair of these!

I cannot speak more highly of them. And am happy to see Altan Bottier continue to push the boundaries of shoemaking, only to continue impressing and showing us that when passion is put into it, good things can come! Well done my friends!

3 thoughts on “Altan Bottier – Reaching New Heights of Design”

  1. hello i really love your shoes
    I am into slippers making but wanna learn how to make quality shoes like yours
    please how do i become your apprentice or how can you help me?

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